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Our Remote World: How eLearning Can Benefit Nonprofits

About this event

Taking Learning to the Next Level!

Interested in learning more about grant writing, fundraising, accounting, or any other aspect of nonprofit operations? eLearning gives nonprofit employees access to informative, engaging content that prepares them for effective nonprofit work. In our remote world, eLearning makes this education accessible. This panel will address how eLearning can support your nonprofit's development and improve operations with digitally accessible resources. Join our industry experts in this discussion and learn more about how eLearning can benefit your organization.

Meet the Panelists

Dorothy Norris-Tirrell, Chief Learning Officer at Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Dorothy Norris-Tirrell, Ph.D., CNP is the Chief Learning Officer for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Her career has centered on building individual and organizational capacity to address public problems through collaboration and innovation. As a learning experience architect, Dorothy embraces creative strategies that expand knowledge and understanding. She has extensive experience as a faculty member, nonprofit administrator, consultant, and volunteer. Dorothy’s scholarship focuses on nonprofit organization leadership, including career pathways, and cross-sector collaboration.

Dan Streeter, VP of Learning Strategy and Design at Blue Sky eLearn

As the Vice President of Learning Strategy and Design, Dan leads his world-class team of instructional design professionals to enable non-profits, associations, and businesses to build exceptional learning content. Dan became an expert in learning, instructional design, and presentation delivery from over 20 years of experience as an award-winning public education teacher, administrator, and entrepreneur.

Vanessa Doutherd, EdTech Specialist at Cypher Learning

Vanessa is an EdTech Specialist for Cypher Learning and an expert in Learning Technologies and Design. She has years of experience as an Instructor, Instructional Designer, and User Experience Designer. Her passions include meaningful, critical, and strategic technology integration for training and education.

John Leh, CEO & Lead Analyst at Talented Learning

John is an Independent learning technology consultant, analyst, podcaster, blogger, and CEO of Talented Learning, a learning tech education and advisory firm focused on extended enterprise education.

He is a trusted learning tech veteran with over 25 years and $125 million worth of front-line experience in buying and selling complex learning solutions. Since 2014, John has reviewed over 250 learning solutions and has helped over 150 LMS buyers define their requirements and buy the right learning system for their needs.

Lastly, he also consults with learning systems vendors to benchmark capabilities, provides competitive analysis, expands market reach and improves sales.

What will be discussed?

  • The pros and cons of eLearning as compared to traditional learning
  • The future of eLearning
  • How nonprofit organizations benefit from eLearning

Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the nonprofit sector could benefit from learning and thinking about eLearning, nonprofit program managers and decision-makers will find this panel the most pertinent.

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