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Time to Try Something New: Innovative Ways to Fundraise in 2022

About this event

It’s time to find some new fundraising techniques! We all know how crucial fundraising is to your nonprofit, but we often get trapped in old habits. While what worked last year may work again this year, we should always be striving to outshine our past fundraising successes. This panel will address the ways nonprofits can grow and update their fundraising techniques. Join us and our industry experts in this discussion and add some new tools to your fundraising toolkit. This panel will feature Julia Beltran (Double the Donation), Jamin Gluck (AWS for Nonprofits), and Barbara O’Reilly (Windmill Hill Consulting).

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Colleen Carroll NXUnite Lead @ Nexus Marketing

  • Guest speaker
    Barbara O'Reilly Founder and Principal @ Windmill Hill Consulting

  • Guest speaker
    Julia Beltran Partnerships Manager @ Double the Donation

  • Guest speaker
    Jamin Gluck Senior Global Program Manager @ AWS for Nonprofits


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