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Deeply Thankful: How to Make Your Supporters Feel Appreciated After the Donation

About this event

Show your donors that you appreciate their support! Thanking your supporters and demonstrating the impact of their donations cultivates lasting relationships. This panel will address strategies to meaningfully recognize your donors’ support. Join our industry experts in this discussion and learn more about ways to show nonprofit supporters your appreciation.

Meet the panelists

Julia Beltran, Double the Donation

Julia is the partnerships manager at Double the Donation, the leading automated matching gift software provider. Through her role, Julia works with the top fundraising solutions to help nonprofits and educational institutions raise more revenue through employer matching gift programs.

Nicholas Kristock, KindKatch

Nicholas is an award winner for servant leadership, nonprofit management, and community engagement. He is obsessed with building businesses that solve problems and lives life to serve those around him. Every day is an opportunity to build more blocks on the tower of social entrepreneurship and enterprise. Bringing comfort to those who need it most has been the most rewarding work of his career. He gets wildly excited when he connects someone to serving their greatest good and empower them with the tools to create positive change.

Seth Merritt, DonorVoice

For over 20 years, Seth has helped great causes to raise money, mobilize supporters, influence policy, and do good in the world. His work has included: product leadership, sales & business development, account management, digital marketing, fundraising, strategic consulting, project management, grassroots organizing, and CRM/SaaS technology selection and adoption. Along the way he has been privileged to help national and local nonprofits, trade associations, public broadcasting, citizen advocacy groups, political campaigns, technology startups, faith-based organizations, and Fortune 100 corporations. DonorVoice is a leading provider of technology and services to nonprofits focused on donor retention and relationships. We apply behavioral science to fundraising.

What will be discussed?

  • Why donor appreciation matters.
  • Strategies to express your gratitude to your donors.
  • How to retain your supporters over time.
  • How to choose the suitable donor appreciation ideas.

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Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the higher ed sector could benefit from learning and thinking about donor appreciation, nonprofit fundraisers, nonprofit board members, and nonprofit executives will find this panel the most pertinent.

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  • Guest speaker
    Seth Merritt Vice President @ DonorVoice

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    Team NXUnite NXUnite

    NXUnite is here to make introductions that lead to lasting relationships.

  • Team member
    Colleen Carroll NXUnite Lead @ Nexus Marketing

  • Guest speaker
    Julia Beltran Partnerships Manager @ Double the Donation

  • Guest speaker
    Nicholas Kristock CEO @ KindKatch


Making introductions that lead to lasting relationships.

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