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Mark Your Calendars: Innovative Fundraising Event Ideas and Best Practices

About this event

Better Fundraisers? Yes, please!

A fantastic fundraising event can make nonprofits truly shine. With event trends everchanging, what should nonprofits do to really get noticed by donors? This panel will discuss how to think outside the box when planning fundraising events. Join us as we discuss the current trends and best practices!

Meet the Panelists

Ryan Brothers, Production Manager for Livestreamed Events at The AV Department

Ryan Brothers is a Production Manager for Livestreamed events. He helps groups ranging from small non-profit organizations, to billion-dollar companies achieve their goals with virtual production, script and content guidance, provides resources to engage attendees, and the means to make events accessible to all.

Melissa Smith, VP of Marketing and Strategy at DipJar

Melissa is the VP of Marketing and Strategy at DipJar where she is responsible for building the company’s public outreach and brand relationships, including overseeing a growing social presence and sales partnership profile.

She worked extensively with nonprofit organizations prior to joining the DipJar team. Through her work, Melissa has gained extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector, the experience that enables her to understand nonprofit organizations and their needs.

Logan Foote, Sales and Education Manager at GolfStatus

Logan Foote is the Sales and Education Manager at GolfStatus and has been with the company since 2017. He helps nonprofit organizations automate and streamline the management of their golf events and maximize fundraising with the GolfStatus platform. Logan has been playing golf since he was 4 years old. He has a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and resides in Lincoln, NE with his wife and sons.

What will be discussed?

  • What are fundraising event best practices in 2022?
  • What metrics should nonprofits look at when evaluating the success of their fundraisers?
  • With 2023 right around the corner, what events should nonprofits look to organize, and what should they avoid?

Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the nonprofit sector could benefit from learning and thinking about how to plan and execute new fundraising ideas, nonprofit events and program planning professionals will find this panel the most pertinent.

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    Ryan Brothers Production Manager for Livestreamed Events @ The AV Department

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    Team NXUnite NXUnite

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    Melissa Smith VP of Marketing and Strategy @ DipJar

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    Colleen Carroll NXUnite Lead @ Nexus Marketing

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    Logan Foote Sales and Education Manager @ GolfStatus


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