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Paving the Way: Strategies for Your Nonprofit Leadership Team

About this event

Creating a Better Leadership Culture

For any organization to achieve a great deal of success, its leaders have to perform at such high levels. Fortunately, the rise of technology and the internet in the 21st century has paved the way for great leaders to connect instantaneously, thus allowing them to learn from each others' successes and failures. How should nonprofits approach leadership development? Join us as we sit down with industry leaders and discuss some strategies on how to take your leadership team to the next level!

Meet the Panelists

Andrena Sawyer, President at P.E.R.K Consulting

Andrena Sawyer is the President of P.E.R.K. Consulting, an advisory firm for small to mid-sized nonprofits and businesses, and the Founder of MCWEN—a network for women of color entrepreneurs.

Originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone, she and her family moved to the United States when she was nine years old due to a civil war that left thousands of families forever scarred. She now credits her family's move during the war for her interest in human triumph and perseverance. She has since actively worked to mobilize and empower others.

In addition to her work with entrepreneurs and nonprofits, she is the author of several books, including The Misadventures of a New Entrepreneur: 5 Things They Won’t Teach You in Business School.

Tino Mantella, President & CEO at Turknett Leadership Group

Tino has over 30 years of experience leading companies in the nonprofit and for-profit space. He has been the President & CEO of some of the most prominent nonprofits in the USA. He has a passion for strategy and how a great plan can propel organizations to new heights. His expertise revolves around human services, health, and technology.

Patti Schutte, CEO/Founder & Principal Coach at Be Brilliant Presentation Group

Patti Schutte is a presentation design and delivery expert. She has over a decade of experience coaching hundreds of professionals in various situations where exceptional presentation skills are needed: keynotes, tech talks, conferences, corporate internal and external meetings, webinars, sales presentations, social media, and more. She is passionate about building business leaders into brilliant presenters and helping you to overcome your uncertainties, stop leaving your presentations to chance, and magnify your ability to lead, influence, and make a lasting impact.

What will be discussed?

  • What qualities make a good leader?
  • What strategies/programs should be reinforced to further elevate leadership standards?
  • What approach should leaders take in order to effectively delegate activities?

Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the nonprofit sector could benefit from learning and thinking about leadership strategies, HR and top-level management will find this panel the most pertinent.

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