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Universally Beneficial: Tech Upgrades for Higher Ed Institutions

About this event

Tech upgrades can be costly but the benefits are well worth the expense. This panel will discuss how institutions can remain competitive through cost-saving tech upgrades that will revolutionize education. Join our industry experts in this discussion and learn about the technology tools and must-haves that are essential to higher ed.

Meet the panelists

Julia Beltran, Double the Donation

Julia is the partnerships manager at Double the Donation, the leading automated matching gift software provider. Through her role, Julia works with the top fundraising solutions to help nonprofits and educational institutions raise more revenue through employer-matching gift programs.

Hendrik-Jan Overmeer, Deedmob

Hendrik-Jan is a Co-Founder of Deedmob. He has a wide range of experience and holds degrees in Communication, Commercial Economics, and IT from the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Science, and ROC ICT Academy. The causes Hendrik-Jan cares about are poverty and engaging young people with politics. He founded a charity that funds the construction of wells in Africa, runs free lectures about politics for children and students, and founded an organization that engages young people with their local politicians.

Shane Sugino, Heller Consulting

Shane is the Director of Higher Education at Heller Consulting. For the past decade, he has helped Higher Education institutions transform their operations and innovate in the cloud. Prior to joining Heller Consulting, he held roles in Financial Services, Healthcare, and technology, and now brings that expertise while leading Heller’s Higher Education business. His focus is on providing value-added impact to Colleges, Universities, and other missions-driven education organizations, and he believes these institutions are foundational to our success as a society. He equips Higher Education institutions with the tools and strategies they need to more effectively deliver on their missions.

Craig Johnson, insendi

Craig is the Regional Business Development Manager at insendi. He is an Ed Tech professional with over 20 years of sales, senior sales management, and marketing experience in the space. Craig is a creative strategic thinker with expertise in turning plans into ROI reality. Emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking, collaboration, and team building.

What will be discussed?

  • Emerging technology tools, applications, and solutions for Higher Ed
  • Cost-saving upgrades and must-haves
  • Why high-impact tech upgrades matter to Higher Ed

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Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the higher ed sector could benefit from learning and thinking about the tech upgrades essential to higher ed, faculty members, management, and leaders of higher ed institutions will find this panel the most pertinent.

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    Hendrik-Jan Overmeer Co-Founder @ Deedmob

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    Julia Beltran Partnerships Manager @ Double the Donation

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    Colleen Carroll Content Publishing Coordinator @ Nexus Marketing

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    Craig Johnson Regional Business Development Manager @ insendi

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    Shane Sugino Director of Higher Education @ Heller Consulting


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