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About this event

Join Vice President and tech guru Tom Batchelor, as he takes a 30-minute dive into the Observe platform. He will show us how to navigate Observe, including:

  • How alerts are fired
  • How Observe delivers context immediately around issues
  • How to evaluate the impact of an issue

You’ll learn how Observe connects logs, metrics, and traces — all in one place. This allows users to seamlessly move from dataset to dataset without jumping between tools. Thus, simplifying the troubleshooting process while saving time and your sanity.

About Tom Batchelor

Tom Batchelor has been working in the field as a technologist focused on helping companies grow and innovate through Observability, APM, DevOps, and Cloud for the past 20 years. His interests first started in the early days of APM and grew to encompass the whole DevOps sphere. Tom currently serves as VP. Sales Engineering at Observe where he works closely with their customer base and their engineering team.

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Observe Inc.

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Observe is a SaaS Observability product which enables SRE and DevOps teams to investigate modern distributed applications 10x faster.