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Observe Launch

About this event

Join us for the launch of Observe!

Do you know which users hit an error last night? What about which build broke your app, or why your container crashed? Where are the logs for the service ticket that was just raised and by the way did we get hacked?

Observability is about being able to ask arbitrary questions about your system. We believe that Observability is a data problem, so we built a data company. 

What we built has been a secret. Until now. 

Observe shapes and relates machine data, making it easy to ask any question about your application, infrastructure, service, or system.

You will hear from founders, industry experts, and customers in this 30-minute event. 

Agenda & Speakers (30 minutes)

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Observe Inc.

Not Another Single Glass of Pain.

Observe is a SaaS Observability product which enables SRE and DevOps teams to investigate modern distributed applications 10x faster.