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Observe Launch Part II: Alerts, Metrics & Customers

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Join us for Observe's Spring Launch!

Logs, metrics, and traces all in one place. I bet you've never even dreamt that big. How about the ability to shape this data and draw conclusions from seemingly disparate events through a UI or a simple, easy-to-understand, query language? I didn't think so.

You've been sold a product, and a story, for each of these different types of data, and they've all fallen short. What if you could have your cake, and eat it too?

Get your fork ready. At Observe we have eliminated the headache most SRE's and DevOps engineers have been conditioned to accept when it comes to Observability. The only limit to what you can achieve with your data is your imagination.

If we've still got your attention then you'll want to join us for our upcoming product launch to learn more. You'll hear from founders, industry experts, and customers in this 30 minute event. They'll show you why Observe is Observability done right.

Agenda & Speakers (30 minutes)

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Observe Inc.

Not Another Single Glass of Pain.

Observe is a SaaS Observability product which enables SRE and DevOps teams to investigate modern distributed applications 10x faster.