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Quality Consented Data Builds Quality Relationships

About this webinar

From brand safety, to user control to campaign performance, discover how leveraging quality consented data impacts the success of your media buy. 

Consumers want personalized marketing, but don’t want to receive ‘targeted ads.’ In fact, new research released by Ogury in “The Reality Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Mobile Marketing 2019,” reveals that 90% of consumers find targeted mobile advertising annoying.

Marketers need to ensure they’re not annoying their consumers, and are providing value instead. Value begins with consent. Consented data leads to higher quality data and therefore better targeting, better creative choices, less fraud, and better performance. 

Join Ogury’s exclusive on-demand webinar to discover more on how quality consented data leads to a quality experience for consumers and brands. In this webinar, you will learn...

  • The impact quality consented data has on your consumer’s experience and ultimately on your campaign’s performance, outside of the standard metrics;
  • The ways in which consumers prefer to pay to access content, and how to respect their privacy wishes;
  • How the impending US data privacy legislations (such as CCPA) will impact the user experience.

Marketers place a lot of effort and budget into securing the attention of their consumers on mobile. Now it’s time to get a real understanding of how they feel about your advertising, and how this impacts your media performance. 

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    KF G
    Kevin Fitzgerald Head of Insight U.S. @ Ogury

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    Evan Rutchik Chief Revenue Officer, USA @ Ogury


Ogury is the creator of the first advertising engine driven by user choice.

Ogury is the creator of the first advertising engine driven by user choice. Ogury Advertising Engine powers a new trusted mobile advertising ecosystem, founded on user consent and preferences towards data sharing and ad experience.