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Leveraging on Product Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration effectively to drive more business.

About this event

The construction sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change. The life-cycle assessment (LCA) methodology helps to better understand which techniques, processes, and materials can be improved or modified for better performance of construction products in the face of climate change.

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) are increasingly required by Green Building certification schemes, investors and professionals. As a construction professional or construction product manufacturer, you may have seen EPDs from materials specified for your projects or as a requirement in bidding processes.

EPDs are documents verified and issued by certified institutions (official program operators), in accordance with local and global standards, which help promote transparency and credibility in the specification, purchase, and use of a product. Furthermore, EPDs can also attest to the authenticity of a product’s sustainability.

Transparency in both carbon emissions and other indicators of environmental impact has become a crucial factor in the decisions of investors and customers when choosing products. Measuring and declaring the environmental impacts of your product is extremely important to stand out from your competitors, gain access to more restrictive markets, and optimise your own operations.

Having extensive expertise in sustainable and energy efficient construction, the UPB group will share their experience implementing product life-cycle assessment (LCA) in their operations, as well as in issuing EPDs for their products.

Participate in this session to learn about the potential of EPDs — and how to boost new business for your company based on EPDs.

What can you expect from this webinar:

  • What is an EPD? Why calculate an EPD?
  • How can EPDs benefit your business?
  • Step-by-step guide to obtain an EPD
  • Success story: How UPB uses EPDs to reaffirm its sustainability commitment and win more business.

Your hosts:

Carolina Aittokallio: Architect and Urban Planner, +12 years of experience, Master's in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship, Business Developer at One Click LCA

Ernests Ozolins:Product manager in UPB group prefabricated concrete business, strong background in Material Science and Engineering. Extensive international experience in new product and sustainable solution development in the concrete industry.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Carolina Aittokallio Business Developer @ One Click LCA

  • Guest speaker
    Ernests Ozolins Product manager @ UPB GROUP

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