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The Data Dilemma: Preparing for changes in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

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The Data Dilemma: Preparing for changes in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Join One Click LCA’s Leonardo Poli and Stephen Barrett from the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC), for this discussion about the challenges and plans for setting benchmarks and baselines, IGBC's program for change - INDICATE - as well as a deep-dive into preparing for the changes to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD.)

Stephen will explain why there’s a need for consistent assessments with full inventory scopes fulfilled as the IGBC works towards being able to track the emissions they are responsible for, as well as the process for developing targets to reduce them. He will shine a spotlight the work happening within INDICATE, and on the goal of creating a fair set of generic materials data and assumptions on the life-cycle of a building, based on Level(s.)

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Anyone with a role or interest in decarbonising the built environment
  • Sustainable construction professionals wanting to learn more about setting industry benchmarks and baselines
  • Anyone looking for more information about changes to the EPBD

About Stephen Barrett

Stephen is leading the INDICATEDATA project in Ireland, a project that aims to develop a national Whole Life Carbon Assessment methodology aligned with Level(s), and an agreed national database of carbon impacts for generic materials for use when EPD data is not known. Having one methodology and set of background data as opposed to several will afford greater comparability of project proposals, help us understand our baseline position for construction in Ireland today and set measurable targets for the future.

About Leonard Poli

Leo is a Life Cycle Assessment expert at One Click LCA. A passionate advocate of sustainability, Leo has a deep understanding of whole life and embodied carbon having worked for eTool Global and Introba (formerly known as Elementa), where he gained invaluable experience in the practice of Whole Life Carbon, development and delivery of training material. As an LCA Consultant, Leo is responsible for conducting and certifying whole building LCAs. He also conducts research and development in the field of LCA.

Irish Green Building Council (IGBC)

The Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) is a non-profit organisation that was launched in 2011 with organisations and businesses from across the value chain of the built environment.

These include architects, designers, contractors, universities, professional institutes, NGO’s, local authorities, energy companies, leading national and transnational companies.

All are united in one common goal to accelerate the transformation of the built environment to one that is sustainable through leadership, research, education and providing policy input to national and local government.

One Click LCA

One Click LCA is a Helsinki-based tech company decarbonizing construction and manufacturing with world-leading, easy-to-use, and automated life-cycle assessment (LCA) to calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of building, infrastructure, and renovation projects — as well as construction and other manufactured products. It also enables manufacturers to generate and publish third-party verified EPDs, and allows assessment of circularity, life-cycle cost, and soon also biodiversity. One Click LCA is used in +170 countries. Its decarbonization platform includes a unique global database with +200,000 LCA datasets, and it supports +80 standards and certifications, including LEED, BREEAM, GRESB and other national regulations.

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    Samuel Boswell

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    Stephen Barrett Whole Life Carbon Projects Lead @ Irish Green Building Council

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    Leonardo Poli

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