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Overcoming the Blockers to Modern & Affordable Service Integration, Part 4: What's Slowing Progress?

About this event

The 4th in our series "Overcoming the Blockers to Modern and Affordable Service Integration." In this webinar series, Juha Berghäll, CEO of ONEiO, will participate in discussions surrounding the findings of the Integration 2020 survey results. Integration 2020 asked participants a variety of questions to determine the challenges, costs and frustrations felt by businesses when managing their software integration solutions.

What did the Integration 2020 survey set out to learn?

1. The challenges facing integration professionals

2. The overall market maturity around Next Generation Integration

3. The ultimate goals businesses are placing on integration

4. What’s stopping the market-place from progressing faster?

5. The financial reality of current integration solutions

Part 4: What's Slowing Progress?

  • “Incumbent software providers occupy too much of the market”
  • “Old ways of building integrations don’t align with new ways of ways of working”
  • Results: When asked what were the biggest blockers to moving forward with integration, respondents said:
  • 54.8% - The time it takes to build new integrations
  • 53.8% - Cost of consulting and implementation

All webinar registrants will receive a copy of the Integration 2020 Report.

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