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Best Integration Practices for Service Providers + ONEiO Demo

About this event

In this on demand webinar, ONEiO North American Commercial Director, Heikki Rautalahti discusses the Best Integration Practices Service Providers can take to create a more complete MSP offering.

Main Topics Include:

  • A discussion of the challenges globally recognized MSP specialists are facing and how they are overcoming them
  • How Service Providers are simplify and driving automation through automated integrations
  • How they are commercializing integrations to their end customers
  • A 4 step Road to Success to from starting internal processes to automating integrations

The theme for this discussion is collaboration. Collaboration between internal users to ensure users are able to use their own processes and own tools or the end customers on how the Service Provider would integrate directly into end customer environments.

Additionally, a brief discussion of the Managed Service Providers we have worked, the types of MSP's who have adopted this approach and more detail of ONEiO's approach in terms of what do we integrate with, how do we integrate these tools and what the essential building blocks of a successful integration as well what a simple process flow would look like.

Finally, the sessions is concluded with a brief demonstration of an incident management process between ServiceNow and Jira using ONEiO integration between the two platforms.

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From integration to collaboration

ONEiO Cloud is a SaaS company developing and providing The Integration Automation Platform, designed especially for enterprise application users and business service providers. ONEiO enables automated, scalable, cloud based integrations carried out by intelligent integration robots.