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IEC 62443: Automating Cybersecurity and Compliance for Industrial Control Systems

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Join us for an exciting online seminar on automating cybersecurity and compliance for IEC 62443-4-x.

IEC 62443 is a globally recognized standard that sets the benchmark for cybersecurity in industrial automation and control systems. In this seminar, we will provide a comprehensive overview of IEC 62443 and focus specifically on its -4-x section, which covers product development requirements.

During this session, our expert speakers will guide you through the intricacies of cybersecurity controls outlined in IEC 62443-4-x. We will delve into the challenges faced by organizations in implementing these controls, explore innovative ways to streamline and automate cybersecurity and compliance measures and how to maintain them through the entire product lifecycle.

Automation is revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape, enabling organizations to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in their security practices. Our seminar will highlight the immense potential for automating security controls within the framework of IEC 62443-4-x. You will see a sample case of an automated product cybersecurity, including vulnerability detection, SBOM generation, lifetime 24/7 monitoring and compliance checking. Discover how cybersecurity automation can empower product development teams to create robust, secure, and compliant solutions.

Whether you're a security professional, product developer, or an industry enthusiast, this seminar is tailored to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity landscape within industrial automation, and learn about cutting-edge automation techniques that can be implemented to reinforce and maintain cybersecurity controls effectively from design and development to end-of-life.

Join us for our online seminar on automating cybersecurity controls for IEC 62443-4-x and unlock the potential for seamless integration of cybersecurity and compliance into product development. Register now to secure your virtual seat and embark on a journey toward enhanced cybersecurity in the world of industrial automation.

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    Jan Wendenburg CEO @ ONEKEY GmbH

    Jan is an experienced CEO. He worked for IBM, as COO for an international VC firm, founded cybersecurity companies, supported IPOs and served as officer of a NASDAQ-listed holding. Now at ONEKEY, as CEO, he focuses on international growth & to provide a world-class IoT/OT software security solution.

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    Florian Lukavsky CTO @ ONEKEY GmbH

    As a CREST-certified ethical hacker, Florian responsibly reported dozens of zero-day vulnerabilities to software vendors and gained expertise in pentesting and security assessments of IoT devices. Now, as CTO at ONEKEY, he aids organizations by automating IoT security.


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