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OneSky invites you to their event

Essential Partnerships for Safe Operations and Mission Planning

About this event

In our first Future of Flight Coffee Chat, we will sit down with the team from MissionGO to discuss essential partnerships for safe operations and mission planning. MissionGO is setting the new standard for uncrewed aircraft systems and production delivering unmatched reliability and safety in UAS training and services for industries including healthcare logistics and critical infrastructure.

Mike Tornetta, Head of Strategic Growth, OneSky, will be joined by Chris Corgnati, President, MissionGO, and Ryan Henderson, Director of Flight Operations, MissionGO, to chat about:

  • The work going on at MissionGO
  • Why they joined the OneSky Future of Flight program
  • The role and value of software in achieving safety of flight
  • MissionGO's BVLOS strategy
  • The role of UTM in the future for MissionGO

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Amanda Brewer Head of Marketing @ OneSky

  • Guest speaker
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    Chris Corgnati

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    Megan Crout

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    Ryan Henderson


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