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Lonely Learner Series Brand Spotlight: Jason Eastman from Kimberly-Clark

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Driving brand engagement and optimizing the process from end to end can be daunting. Join us as we talk with Jason Eastman, Director of the Commerce IQ Team at Kimberly-Clark for week six of our Brand Spotlight Series. Jason will discuss the ins and outs of leveraging content management -- using data governance, creative development and execution strategies, and best practices for continuous improvement.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jason Eastman Director, Digital Commerce @ Kimberly-Clark

    With 20+ years of experience leading traditional customer, channel and e-commerce teams at iconic CPG companies, Jason Eastman has enabled brands to transform their relationships and capabilities driving better engagement with customers and consumers.

  • Team member
    Amanda Wolff Chief Marketing Officer @ OneSpace

    With 20+ years in marketing and sales, she has built on her past e-commerce experience at OneSpace, where she helps brands win on the digital shelf. Her presentations, workshops, and e-books educate e-commerce teams on best practices about optimizing content for visibility and conversion, at scale.


The disruption in our industry means that the gauntlet has been thrown for every brand to become a challenger brand. The Lonely Learner Series features conversations and knowledge sharing with e-commerce professionals who are leading their respective businesses into the next era of digital commerce.