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"Audience Decides" Digital Shelf Session 2: Conversion

About this webinar

When it comes to e-commerce, search visibility doesn’t automatically equal sales. Once you’ve mastered SEO, the next step is to optimize your product content for conversion. In our second “audience decides” session, e-commerce thought leader Chris Perry and OneSpace CMO Amanda Wolff will provide practical tips your brand can use to drive conversions on the digital shelf. Attendees will help guide the conversation by answering a series of live polls designed to gauge which tactics they want to learn more about.

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  • Guest speaker
    Chris Perry E-Commerce Thought Leader

    Chris Perry is on a mission to help empower Leaders of Change — both people and brands — to win in a digital-commerce-driven world. As a CPG eCommerce practitioner, he was most recently VP of Executive Education at Edge by Ascential and has led e-commerce at Reckitt Benckiser, WellPet and Kellogg's.

  • Team member
    Amanda Wolff Chief Marketing Officer @ OneSpace

    With 20+ years in marketing and sales, she has built on her past e-commerce experience at OneSpace, where she helps brands win on the digital shelf. Her presentations, workshops, and e-books educate e-commerce teams on best practices about optimizing content for visibility and conversion, at scale.


The Lonely Learner Series builds community and knowledge sharing for e-commerce pros during the unprecedented times brought about by COVID-19. These weekly, sessions feature top thought leaders sharing strategies and best practices to help manufacturers thrive in our new, more omnichannel reality.