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"Audience Decides" Digital Shelf Session 4: Ratings & Reviews

About this event

Ratings and reviews are a gold mine of information to help inform manufacturers about customer needs. In our fourth "Audience decides” session, e-commerce thought leader Chris Perry and OneSpace CMO Amanda Wolff will discuss ways to leverage this user generated content to elevate your e-commerce game. In these unique sessions, Attendees will be able to vote through a series of questions to determine in real time what our experts will be teaching.

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  • Guest speaker
    Chris Perry E-Commerce Thought Leader

    Chris Perry is on a mission to help empower Leaders of Change — both people and brands — to win in a digital-commerce-driven world. As a CPG eCommerce practitioner, he was most recently VP of Executive Education at Edge by Ascential and has led e-commerce at Reckitt Benckiser, WellPet and Kellogg's.

  • Team member
    Amanda Wolff Chief Marketing Officer @ OneSpace

    With 20+ years in marketing and sales, she has built on her past e-commerce experience at OneSpace, where she helps brands win on the digital shelf. Her presentations, workshops, and e-books educate e-commerce teams on best practices about optimizing content for visibility and conversion, at scale.


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