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Masterclass: Strategic IP Management

About this event

Learn more about why you should have an IP Strategy in place and how to get started

Join this exclusive masterclass and learn more about the ins and outs of strategic IP management, including why your company should have an IP strategy in the first place and how to get started.

Securing a successful IP strategy is similar to a business plan but focused on your company’s intellectual property (IP). Establishing a secure foundation for your company’s IP, including trade secrets, patents, trademarks, domain names etc., will ensure that your company is able to i.a. withstand investor due diligence, the successful differentiation from competitors and proper accreditation in ventures with others.

The masterclass will outline the many ways in which IP is central to the success of both start-ups and more established firms, including the considerations that are important to keep in mind in connection with:

  • Launching or rebranding a business, new initiatives or new products
  • Expansion into new markets or territories
  • Fundraising
  • Entering into agreements with others (i.e. licensing agreements and joint ventures)
  • M&A

The masterclass is directed towards in-house legal counsels and other legal professionals who encounter IP rights as part of their job and want to improve their knowledge. You will be joining the class together with other participants and be able to build a network and ask questions, etc. during the session.

The masterclass is free to attend and will be held virtually.

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  • Guest speaker
    Maiken Toftgaard Partner, Advokat (L) @ Poul Schmith Kammeradvokaten

    Lawyer with a commercial mindset and a business oriented approach to the issues I face. Extensive experience with handling complex legal issues within IP, digital business and data privacy, and litigation in relation to these areas. Industry insight into the media, entertainment, IT and energy sectors.


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