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Social Selling - and building your personal brand on Linkedin 

About this event

Misc. (trends & things you should know about) - virtual event:

Social Selling - and building your personal brand on Linkedin

What is it, how does it work - and why is it important for legal teams, and you, to know about? You’ll hear more about this new way of selling. We’ll also cover what to write about - and what not to write about - on Linkedin. And how best to build a personal brand on Linkedin.

The event will be joined by our guest speaker the energetic and passionate Laura Erdem from Dreamdata. She is called the Queen of Social Selling for a reason😉

About Laura:

  • Sales woman with a flavour for Marketing 🤝
  • Grew my LinkedIn followers base by 400% last year through social selling.
  • I generate all my sales leads inbound from Linkedin Social Selling. Ask me how!

Currently testing out the hypothesis: If you want to work in the past - join an enterprise. If you want to work in the future - join a startup.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Laura Erdem Account Executive @ Dreamdata


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