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Open Source Directions Ep. 51: TerminusDB

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We will be joined by Cheuk Ho who will talk about the work being done with TerminusDB. TerminusDB is an open-source full-featured in-memory graph database management system that stores data like git.

TerminusDB allows for the whole suite of revision control features: branch, merge, squash, rollback, blame, and time-travel. TerminusDBs are linked through TerminusHub. Hub allows the user to manage access to databases and to collaboratively work on shared resources. You can make changes to a database, push them to hub and have a collaborator pull the synced version of the database. You can then share and collaborate on curated data sets in a distributed manner using git-like operations push, pull, fetch, clone and fork.

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  • Guest speaker
    Melissa Mendonca

  • Guest speaker
    Cheuk Ho

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    Madicken Munk


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