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How to Use Workflows and Task Generators to Increase Efficiency

About this webinar

Join William as he discusses the benefits of using workflows and task generators in your day to day activities. Find out how to automate your process with workflows and make smarter, quicker decisions. Learn how you can use workflows to trigger a reaction once a project status changes, or create a task, activate a part of the form etc. etc.! The possibilities are endless.

Learn how the task generator enables you to assign tasks to your colleagues or yourself, define when notifications and reminders would have to be sent, collaborate better with your team. All open and closed tasks can be viewed in a dedicated page where you can filter and sort on the task name, the assignee, the due date, etc.

Have questions? Join the webinar and ask our expert how you can streamline your activities with the help of these features!

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  • Team member
    Sabah Saeed Marketing Project Specialist @ Optimy

    Hi everyone! I am the project specialist here at Optimy. I aim to bring you interesting and hot topics around Philanthropy, CI/CSR, and Sponsorships. "The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds" -JFK

  • Guest speaker
    William De Woot Account Executive @ Optimy


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