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Next Normal: Gender and Diversity

About this webinar

Examining lasting changes in gender inequalities amplified by the pandemic

The pandemic has amplified and heightened many existing inequalities. Pervasive gender gaps exist in society’s around the world; the consequences of this inequality plays out from the time girls enter school through to higher education, during their professional careers, and in the home as a partner and parent. With shelter in place radically altering everyone’s day to day experience globally, existing gender dynamics are also in flux. Nahla Valji, the UN’s senior gender advisor to the executive office of the security general, states, “There is no single society where we’ve achieved equality between men and women, and so this pandemic is being layered on top of existing inequalities, and it’s exacerbating those inequalities.” 

During this webinar, we will explore the current pandemic through a gender lens to understand how the economic downturn will likely aggravate existing gender inequalities; we will examine this specifically in the education sphere to try and understand how it may impact the workforce of tomorrow.

Discussion Topics:

  • COVID's impact on women and girls versus men and boys in the education sphere, from elementary school through to higher education and professional development
  • Female academics and research scientists hindered by the current expectations and responsibilities as a parent/partner
  • Will the lack of digital access to learning resources mean girls will be left behind as school moves permanently online or will these systems help eliminate implicit bias?


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