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Next Normal: Education

About this webinar

The advent of COVID-19 is not only challenging current norms and ability to deliver education in traditional ways, it is also presenting society with a unique opportunity to reimagine how education is provided across the entire $4.7-trillion global education value chain in primary, secondary and higher education as well as workforce development. The lasting benefits of digital learning will lead to widespread adoption of new tools well after the pandemic ends, however, we need to build tools and systems that not only cater to the immediate academic needs of children, students and workers but also holistically address their emotional and social development needs. Join us as we discuss how telecommunications and technology are helping propel our educational systems into the future.

Discussion Topics:

  • Which technologies will be most useful and what is the role of the Tech Giants
  • How business models of education will adapt to a post-pandemic world
  • How will workforce development adopt digital tools and move to continuous learning

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Raghu Krishnaiah Chief Operating Officer @ Phoenix University

  • Guest speaker
    Stacey Wang Partner @ Transcend Education

  • Guest speaker
    Darren Sabo Principal, Emerging Countries @ Orange Silicon Valley

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