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Next Normal: Health

About this webinar

Transforming health with data, devices and communications

Lock down orders and social distancing guidelines have fostered significant adoption of telemedicine just as healthcare needs are dramatically increasing. Broader adoption of healthcare technology such as IoT sensors and AI-assisted analysis of health data present meaningful opportunities. While these data-driven approaches may lead to better predictions and improved health outcomes, they also come with privacy issues. This session will explore recent and anticipated changes to healthcare as we navigate towards solutions that allow us to mitigate the constraints of COVID-19 and ultimately succeed in a healthier world.

Discussion Topics

  • The benefits of and barriers to telemedicine
  • IoT devices for enhanced data gathering
  • AI for faster identification of outbreaks
  • Enterprise strategies for employee public health 

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Shruti Kothari Industry Initiatives Lead @ Blue Shield of California

  • Guest speaker
    Guillaume Payan

  • Guest speaker
    Russ Glass CEO @ Ginger

  • Guest speaker
    Darren Sabo Principal, Emerging Countries @ Orange Silicon Valley

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