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Next Normal: Home

About this webinar

Re-making the new hub of digital activity

The coronavirus pandemic has inflicted seismic changes on the daily lives of millions. More than ever, the home is the nexus of all key activities: work, school and entertainment. It is also often the primary location for exercise, commerce and healthcare. The home is evolving into a multifaceted, multi-modal space. Applications and services that deliver connection have become key to maintaining some normalcy during this global crisis. The pandemic has forced many people to assume a new digital life, where activities and events that were once regularly conducted face to face are now online. There is growing demand for digital, online, always-open and COVID-19-immune spaces. Many of these changes will endure long past the end of the pandemic.

Discussion Topics:

  • The transition to a more digital life due to the pandemic has led to a surge in remote activities such as videoconferencing, cloud gaming, and online grocery shopping. These are all part of the shift toward a more digital life.
  • Increased bandwidth and data consumption across all aspects of home life have created new patterns of digital usage. The long-standing problem of the digital divide has moved to the forefront as internet access has become an even more critical need.
  • Some form of telework will continue after the pandemic ends. Companies like Twitter and Square have unveiled plans for permanent work from home. Work is likely to become even more distributed in the future.   
  • Household budget cuts will be necessary due to the economic fallout from the pandemic  but entertainment spending is often deemed essential in hard times.  
  • The concept of the smart home may take on new meaning, with added emphasis on security and cost-efficiency.  
  • The upheaval of COVID-19 may lead to the emergence of the sustainable consumer who looks to do more with less in a challenging economic climate.

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  • Guest speaker
    Robin Beers, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions for Business @ Wells Fargo

  • Guest speaker
    Katy Hunt Business Analyst, Telecommunications @ Orange Silicon Valley

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