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Next Normal: Sustainability

About this webinar

Accelerating the emergence of sustainable and resilient supply chains

In 2019, CEOs ranked climate change as the number one risk to organization growth. In 2020, public health will join climate as a top concern. Climatic events like severe storms and floods share many parallels with disease outbreaks like COVID-19. Both climate and contagious disease have proven to cause severe disruption of supply chains. As global businesses look to manage risk in the post-COVID world, how can they do so in a way that makes them resilient to the dual threats of climate and disease?

Discussion Topics: 

  • Digitization of supply chains to enhance transparency
  • The next generation of risk forecasting
  • Technologies to shorten supply chains
  • Proximity, local loops and the circular economy¬†

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  • Guest speaker
    George Livingston Principal @ Orange Silicon Valley

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