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Orange Business & International Data Corporation (IDC) - Take back control of your infrastructure

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Take back control of your infrastructure

Today’s world is brittle, fragile and subject to unpredictable situations. Businesses need to be more flexible than ever to adapt to these constant changes. Additionally, the path of technology has accelerated and is evolving endlessly. Keeping an organization up to speed whilst managing the costs is a true challenge.

  • How to be agile and flexible whilst retaining performance at its best?
  • What about seamless integration of multiple cloud providers whilst ensuring the utmost security level?
  • And orchestrating all layers the most efficient and cost effective way- with the right balance between those dimensions?

Join Orange Business VP Marketing Connectivity Pierre Marie Binvel and IDC’s guest speaker Research Vice President Future of Digital Infrastructure Mary Johnston Turner for an immersive session unveiling how you can take back control of these challenges and master the future of your business.

Gain insights and discover how to approach this transformation to boost your organization to the next level in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

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  • Guest speaker
    Pierre-Marie Binvel Vice President and Head of Connectivity Product Marketing @ Orange Business

    Pierre-Marie have a focus on digital transformation and software-defined technologies. He brings extensive international experience in IT outsourcing and telecom to his role.

  • Guest speaker
    Mary Johnston Turner Research Vice President digital infrastructure @ International Data Corporation (IDC)

    Mary assesses businesses' cloud use in data centers and public services, focusing on sourcing, security, and optimization. She highlights pay-as-you-go, cross-cloud control, and collaborative governance.

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