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SASE ~ What does this mean for the enterprise?

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SASE ~ What does this mean for the enterprise?

The session will be hosted by Marc Schlesinger, Head of Strategic Partners for the Americas for Orange Business Services. Our expert speakers will be Sam Nchinda, Vice President Solutions at Orange Business Services and Kumar Ramachandran, Senior Vice President SASE at Palo Alto Networks. Together, they will discuss how the convergence of next generation security and networking are enabling real solutions in the complex ecosystem of Cloud Service Providers.

Sam and Kumar will discuss what is driving this evolution and the inter-dependency between the SOC and NOC emerging from IT/OT established boundaries, how Orange Business Services and Palo Alto Networks are delivering answers together and share some insights on what lies ahead in this technology landscape.

Join us and explore:

  • What are the advantages that SASE brings to the enterprise?
  • What to look for in a partnership for creating business solutions for complex IT infrastructures?
  • What is beyond SASE?

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