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Orchidali vous invite à son webinar

Update on the approval of the health claims in Europe

À propos de ce webinar

Nathalie Roudier, Scientific Affairs Manager at Orchidali, will present an update on the approvals by the EFSA of the health claims in Europe. Then, Aurélie Perrichet, Executive Director at Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE), will share her experience of getting a positive opinion from the EFSA on a health claim*.

*: Article 13.5 health claim related to glycaemic carbohydrate solutions and improvement of physical performance.

Proposé par

  • Membre de l'équipe
    Christine Bouley C.E.O. at Orchidali @ Orchidali

  • Membre de l'équipe
    Nathalie Roudier Scientific Affairs Manager in nutrition @ Orchidali

  • Intervenant externe
    Aurélie Perrichet Executive Director @ Specialised Nutrition Europe


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