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Pachyderm invites you to their event

Automating DataOps at Scale for Computer Vision

About this event

As teams look to productionize their ML efforts, versioning, tagging, and labeling the data becomes even more difficult. The challenge for MLOps and DataOps teams will be to operationalize their data to better meet the needs of their end-users.

Join the teams at Pachyderm and Superb AI as they cover:

  • What is DataOps, and how are teams looking to scale their AI/ML workflows
  • The importance of data preparation (versioning and labeling)
  • How teams can automate these workflows into robust pipelines

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    James Le Data Advocate @ Superb AI

  • Team member
    Lubos Parobek VP Product and GTM @ Pachyderm


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