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Breaking new ground in mine blasting

About this webinar

Dyno Nobel will be discussing the company’s two latest innovations in this upcoming webinar: DigiShot Plus 4G and DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY™.

DigiShot Plus 4G is an electronic initiation system for any size blast, which has been engineered with blasters productivity in mind.

DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY is breaking ground in coal mining, quarry blasting and metal mining. It is a proprietary method for controlling the explosive energy profile in a blasthole, which is resulting in improved productivity, decreased costs and reduced environmental impact for customers. 

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  • Guest speaker
    Dave Hunsaker Sales Manager, Bulk Products & Delivery @ Dyno Nobel

    Dave Hunsaker has been intimately involved in operational, technical and field operations for nearly 40 years throughout North America and Asia. As an industry expert in bulk delivery systems and products, and has helped develop solutions that address blasting efficiencies and environmental issues.

  • Guest speaker
    JW G
    Janette Weaver

  • Guest speaker
    Sandy Tavelli Global Product Manager, Electronic Initiation Systems @ Dyno Nobel

    Sandy has over 38 years’ experience in the explosives industry. His work over the past two decades has focused on development of initiation system technologies and dynamic measurement techniques for field evaluation of product performance in both surface and underground applications.

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