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Closures, Codes and Compliance: The Split-Code Decision

About this webinar

Code compliance is never optional. But sometimes, people misinterpret codes, and that can be costly. 

In the webinar Closures, Codes and Compliance: The Split Code Decision, Alan Morton of T.D. Williamson explores how a common misinterpretation of an ASME Boiler Pressure and Vessel Code influences pig launcher design—adding unnecessary cost and time that can never be recovered.

During this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn about the parts that comprise a pig launcher closure, how you can leverage a split-code design approach to ensure your closure meets all applicable codes, and what to look for when selecting a closure. You’ll also hear how the TDW ProSeries™ Advantage enables the company’s market-leading D2000 closure to fit a wider range of sizes, applications and specifications, all standard.

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  • Guest speaker
    AM G
    Alan Morton Director, Product Development-Global Solutions Engineering @ T.D. Williamson

    With 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. He has developed solutions to improve pipeline safety and reliability at field projects on four continents. His expertise includes hot tapping and isolations, pipeline rehabilitation, pipeline cleaning and in-line inspection technologies.

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