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Digital Shipbuilding: A Transparent and Real-Time View of the Fabrication Process is Possible

About this webinar

In this webinar, Ismo Piirainen and David Whittle of Hexagon PPM will be discussing the digitalisation and digital transformation trends driving Industry 4.0, especially when it comes to fabrication. 

While these trends are all aiming to create smart engineering, construction and operations processes, Ismo and David will outline how fabrication is an important step often lost in this story, as traditionally many processes are non-digital. They will discuss how in order to force the power of digitalisation, fabrication needs to become digitally enabled to fit into the overall digital chain and form a bridge between engineering and construction.

In shipbuilding, several functions – such as engineering design, work preparation, material storages, work management and shop floor- must exchange information almost in real time. Today, the information can be digital and accessible across the entire company.

This webinar will explain how, by taking data-agnostic integration with design solutions, material availability, project schedules, resources and direct connections to the machines and production lines on shop floor into account, Hexagon’s Digital Fabricator solution for shipbuilding performs detailed fabrication planning and raises productive shop floor schedules to be pursued. This solution enables smarter workflows with real-time status monitoring, improved productivity and reduced material costs by better use of materials and reduced waste.

Make sure to join Hexagon PPM to learn more about the importance of the digitalisation of fabrication! 

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  • Guest speaker
    David Rowlands Editor @ LNG Industry

  • Guest speaker
    Ismo Piirainen Sales & Business Development Director @ Hexagon PPM

    Ismo Piirainen is the Sales & Business Development Director at Hexagon PPM and is responsible for the development of the fabrication market, mainly in the EMIA region. Ismo has experience within B2B sales, pre-sales & business development in the metal industries, steel prefabrication & shipbuilding.

  • Guest speaker
    David Whittle Senior Business Development Manager @ Hexagon PPM

    David Whittle is the Senior Business Development Manager at Hexagon PPM. He is responsible for the global development of the fabrication market, product line business plans and marketing programs to support sales. He specialises in piping and has knowledge within engineering & design & fabrication.

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