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Inflatable Line Stops: An Alternative to Mechanical Line Stops

About this webinar

The inflatable line stop is a method for plugging a line under pressure utilizing the hot tap technique. Inflatable line stops have been utilized for plugging lines for many years to seal open-ended pipes while maintenance work is being performed. They are an economical alternative to mechanical line stops when specific conditions exist.

In this webinar, TEAM Inc. will cover the benefits of an inflatable line stop, reasons they are an enhanced alternative to mechanical line stop, and learn about the optimal conditions for this method.

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  • Guest speaker
    Scott Lominac Manager Hot Tap and Line Intervention Services @ TEAM Inc.

    Scott Lominac is a global leading expert in Inflatable Stop Lines. Scott has over 40 years of experience in Line Intervention Solutions. And during his career has held multiple roles in business development & management for TEAM Inc.

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