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Kinetic Mesh in Underground Operations & Remote Applications

About this webinar

Industry experts Mike Foletti, Darrell Gillis and Joe Cronin have installed hundreds of underground voice and data systems throughout the world. During this webinar, they will discuss using mesh technology in underground mines and tunnels. Transitioning the same principles that have made Kinetic mesh technology the number one option for open pit mining to underground, applications will include: 

  • Utilizing both mobile and fixed node locations enabling autonomous operations and remote control of equipment
  • Enabling systems and applications including: Voice Comms, Personnel & Asset Tracking, Environmental Monitoring and Control and Production Systems
  • Examples of existing underground mesh systems, architecture and performance in shafts, declines and operational areas

Joe Cronin of Australian Droid and Robotics will present real world applications using mesh technology underground for remote inspection, mapping, videoing and surveying of underground operations, especially in hazardous conditions.

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    Darrell Gillis Rajant Corporation

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    Dawid Preller

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    Mike Foletti Rajant Corporation

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