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Beauty & Wellness in China - What Brands should know

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💄Beauty & Wellness in China digital market

The beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the fastest-growing and most promising fields of business in China for the near future. As of 2020, China became the world’s second-largest beauty and personal care product market after the U.S. in terms of market value. Chinese beauty market is expected to record a value of $87.64 billion in 2025, increasing at a CAGR of 6% for the duration spanning 2021-2025.

China’s health and wellness market was worth around $70 billion in 2020. Some experts forecast that this will rise to $145.1 billion by 2025.

How to build up effective connections with consumers has become a critical factor of the success in the new era for brands in beauty and wellness product industries.

Why participate ? (Access only for Beauty & Wellness merchants)

  1. To get insights from top experts of Beauty, Wellness, China e-commerce and digital marketing
  2. To learn the foundamentals knowledges you will need to launch correctly your online project in China
  3. To prepare your company to online one-to-one meetings with potential Chinese digital solutions during the Panda Meetings on November 23th.


9am - 12am (Paris time)

  • Regulations for Beauty brands in China
  • Beauty & Wellness trends in Chinese digital market: e-commerce, digital marketing, livestreaming and KOL
  • Foreign companies and China culture choc: tips and testimonials
  • International and Chinese brands success and fail cases


  • Jenny Sidorova, Ex Global content strategy director, Active Cosmetics Division in L’Oréal. Webinar topic: "Transparency, Expertise, and Cultural differences: All Key for Success in China".
From Louis Vuitton to Walmart to L'Oreal: what Jenny did in each (the evolution of digital marketing, content marketing, and team structures), what she observed between EU and China teams, the issue they’ve met and what did the team test to fix it. Jenny will provide specific example of launching dermocosmetics category event with an e-commerce partner in China: what they did and why it worked (La Roche Posay example). Finally, Jenny will share with the audience what are the mistakes to avoid.
  • Katherine Li, Founder&CEO of the Chinese brand KOOKIE8TH, an emerging personal care brand which target at the GEN Z.
Katherine build the first Chinese cosmestic brand MD COLORSTUDIO into Sephora. Brought the first Chinese brand MD COLORSTUDIO overseas into SEA and Australia. Afterwards, she build one more color cosmetic brand YESIC, and managed MD DSSM, another cosmetic brand. She will share with the audience the incredible success story of her personal care brand KOOKIE8TH, how it really works in the reality of Chinese digital ecosystem to develop sales and brand awarness.
  • ASIA COSME LAB, specialized in Asian beauty trends and forecasting. There expert of Chinese market will share with the audience the specificities of "Routine" beauty in China and consumers habits in 2021.

  • BEAUTYSTREAMS, the go-to insights platform for the global beauty industry. There expert of Chinese market will share with the audience an essential overview of China Beauty industry movemence in 2021.


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