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Pandell Leadership Series - Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud - Featuring Geoffrey Cann

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A Post-Pandemic Playbook for Digital Adoption in O&G

The oil and gas industry has learned two powerful lessons from the pandemic—that it can change very quickly when it needs to, and that its digital investments proved key to surviving the pandemic. Climate pressures are now pushing fossil fuel companies to decarbonize faster than ever, and capital markets no longer place any value in traditional energy companies.

If there ever was a time for industry incumbents to accelerate their ability to embrace change, improve their environmental performance, and win back capital markets' attention, it is now. But how? What parts of the industry can change? Who does this well? What does "good" even look like?

In this session you'll discover the most important findings from Geoffrey Cann's new book, 'Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud'. Explore the digital sweet spot, where investments offer extraordinary value. Learn the seven stages of digital adoption that the best in the industry accelerate their people through. And above all, discover the playbook for digital adoption as a change agent and as a company.

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