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Pandell Leadership Series - Demystifying Digital Transformation

About this event

For many of us, the mere thought of "transformation" conjures up feelings of anxiety. Change is scary.  Nevertheless, businesses are trending toward digitization -- replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with more efficient digital management practices. How can going digital benefit your company? When is the right time for transformation, and where do you start?

Join Yogi Schulz of Corvelle Consulting for a free, one-hour webinar that will answer these questions and provide practical advice for implementing digital workflow in multiple business areas. Discussion topics will include:

  • Common business issues that are prime for digital resolution.
  • How to turn work irritants into digital opportunities.
  • Best practices for going digital.

Yogi has a 40-year history working with Calgary-based oil and gas companies to advise on, manage, and implement information systems that streamline workflow, leverage data analytics, and generate business value.

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  • Guest speaker
    YS G
    Yogi Schulz Senior Consultant @ Corvelle Consulting

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    Eliza Edwards Customer Engagement Specialist @ Pandell


500+ oil and gas producers, midstream facilities, oilfield services, land brokers, pipelines, utilities, mining and renewable energy companies across North America, use Pandell’s web-based software products for finance, land, and operations.