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Pandell Leadership Series - Emissions Management

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The Move to Measurement: Emissions Leadership in 2022

With increasing regulatory and ESG pressures to measure and disclose oil and gas emissions, how can you become an industry leader in emissions management in 2022? The Pandell Leadership Series is pleased to welcome Liz O'Connell, President of Arolytics, to discuss effective strategies for methane detection and quantification, emerging trends in methane initiatives, and how data-driven emissions management can better prepare you for regulatory and investor market pressures.

Liz works on the front line of the energy sector’s largest emissions challenges. Her team at Arolytics, a recently recognized Foresight50 company, leverages data and modeling to optimize how the oil and gas sector measures, mitigates, and discloses atmospheric emissions. She has extensive experience working with methane measurement technologies through collaborative projects with industry, government, and NGOs.

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    Liz O'Connell Arolytics

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