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Pandell Leadership Series - Leveraging Your JV Data for Managing Vendors - Featuring Luis Slater and Steve Reichenbacher

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How to Leverage Your Business Data for Managing Vendors in an Ever-Changing World

Do you have a clear line of sight on the impact that vendors have on your organization? In this webinar, business consultants, Luis Slater and Steve Reichenbacher, will demonstrate how to navigate through the vast, evolving array of supply risks and zero in on critical information to base your decisions on…all built upon a foundation of Pandell JV data! Discover the value of merging your Pandell transactional data with other internal systems and linking it to external business intelligence. Then see how this data can be leveraged for securing vendor risks and focusing on managing the vendors that impact your business the most.

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  • Guest speaker
    Steve Reichenbacher Director, Process and Product Development @ Stonebrook Business Services Ltd

    Steve is a co-founder of Stonebrook Business Services Ltd. He is passionate about leveraging systems and data for efficient processes and effective business decision making. Steve has won innovation awards for his work on business intelligence and process automation. Steve has 12 years of experience delivering business solutions for clients in the Canadian energy sector including fully integrated oil and gas companies, E&P, oilfield services, and utility retailers.

  • Guest speaker
    Luis Slater Director, Operations and Engagement @ Stonebrook Business Services Ltd

    As co-founder and the principal Supply Chain Consultant at Stonebrook, he leverages his expertise in supply chain management (SCM) to deliver tangible solutions for clients across various industries and regions. Luis’ core competencies of organizational design, procurement and supplier strategy, governance establishment and process efficiency and effectiveness have led to the successful delivery of numerous large-scale projects throughout his 18 years experience. His mission is to provide value-added and innovative SCM solutions that enable clients to optimize their performance, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.


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