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Pandell Leadership Series - Navigating Net Zero

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In the growing climate change movement, “net zero” has become the new buzz-phrase. Net zero and carbon neutral commitments are on the rise in 2021, with companies, financial institutions, and countries affirming their allignment to global climate goals of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

On July 13th the Pandell Leadership Series will present a free one-hour webinar featuring Bill Whitelaw, Managing Director of Strategy and Sustainability for geoLOGIC, to discuss how these net-zero ambitions present mission critical considerations for the energy sector.

Hear Bill describe how as the North American energy sector moves into its next period of stability, the C-Suite will be confronted with a different range of pressures as it deals with "Navigating in a Net Zero World." And he'll take you through how corporate leaders and boards of directors need to map their strategies and adjust to the realities of energy transition, which is critical to all oil and gas stakeholders.

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    Bill Whitelaw

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