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PanoTek invites you to their webinar

CES-400 Workshop

About this webinar

This live workshop-on-the-web will demonstrate the capabilities of PanoTek's CES-400 quad encoder appliance.

PanoTek's CES-400 H.264 encode unit is a powerful new appliance-style solution for capturing and encoding up to 4 channels of digital video and audio at up to 4K resolution. A high degree of control over stream parameters is provided, including transport protocol, resolution, frame rate and GOP structure. Significantly, it is possible to generate multiple streams from each source signal, with each stream having its own unique stream parameters.     

This will be a practical session explaining the different things you can do with the product, a close-up of the configuration process, actual demonstrations, and Q&A as we go along. We will also briefly discuss how this product complements our other solutions.

We are also pleased to be making use of Livestorm's platform for this event, which makes it really easy for guests to participate via browser only - no software to download. Key parts of the session will be presented in high resolution full HD, and will seamlessly fall back to lower resolution if you have bandwidth constraints.

Please join us! We aim to keep this relevant, short and sweet.

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  • Guest speaker
    DN G
    Daniel Niedermeyer Business Development Mgr @ PanoTek

  • Team member
    MT T
    Milton Taylor Director @ PanoTek


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