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Does surgical research have a role during a pandemic?

About this event

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals and scientists have worked to learn more about the virus and its impact on patients. However there has been an impact on both the surgical profession and surgical patients. For the surgical community, research is at the centre of what we do, but how has this changed during COVID-19?

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    PH T
    Pansurg Host

  • Guest speaker
    PS G
    Patricia Sylla Asst Prof Colorectal Surgery @ Mount Sinai

  • Guest speaker
    DC G
    Delia Cortes Guiral Colorectal Surgeon @ Surgery & Social Media

  • Team member
    SY T
    Seema Yalamanchili

  • Guest speaker
    DW G
    Des Winter Editor-in-Chief @ BJS

  • Team member
    RA T
    Ravi Aggarwal Clinical Research Fellow @ Imperial College London


Safer surgical care during the COVID-19 pandemic

PanSurg is a international collaborative to deliver safe surgical care during the COVID-19 pandemic.