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How to Win a New Future Without Losing the Battle for Today - Strategic Lessons for COVID-19

About this event

In order to effectively respond to a crisis, it is important to understand its nature and get ahead of the wave. There is a fundamental need for effective leadership and operational management, with clear strategic goals that must be constantly refined by a disciplined and vigorous learning cycle. A crisis is a time for a grip on reality; a thirst for evidence and expertise; a constant willingness to listen, learn and innovate; and clear decisions. In this webinar, world-leading experts in crisis management and response provide strategic and operational lessons that will help healthcare workers and organisations respond better and faster to the COVID-19 crisis.

MIKE GRANATT was the first Head of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the UK  Cabinet Office, and the Director General of the UK Government Information  and Communication Service.  He also served at Board level in the UK departments of Energy and Environment, the Metropolitan Police Service, and the Home Office.  He was on the top teams handling the crises sparked by the storms of October 1986, the Piper Alpha disaster in the North Sea, Chernobyl, major fuel disputes, foot and mouth animal disease, and domestic and international terrorism. 

CHRIS SCOTT spent his former career with the UK Armed Forces, with over 30 years with the Royal Marines. This culminated in the Ministry of Defence, where he led on domestic Counter Terrorism and Resilience commitments and was a regular member of the Government's crisis response effort. In the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, Chris was a member of the Government’s Olympic Security Directorate within the Home Office, responsible for Games-wide preparedness to counter the most serious threats and hazards to the safety and security of the Games. Since 2014, as a co-Founder of R3S Global, he has spent his time supporting clients with solutions in risk management, readiness and resilience within challenging environments.

PATRICK LAGADEC is an analyst and international consultant in the field of crisis intelligence and leadership in volatile contexts, systemic meltdown situations and unknown territories. He is also an Officer of the National Order of Merit (France). He was awarded the Forum Engelberg prize in 1999. After three decades as a senior scientist at the École polytechnique, researching and consulting on the most difficult dimensions of crisis management, he continues to help private and public organizations confronted with unconventional crises, on all fronts - to prepare, to prevent, and to respond.

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    Chris Scott Co-founder & Director @ RS3 Global

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    Pansurg Host

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    Patrick Lagadec Analyst and International Consultant in Crisis Intelligence @ Patrick Langadec

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    Mike Granatt Former Head @ UK Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat


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