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Improving Communications during COVID-19: ICON - A Junior Doctor Network

About this event

How do we go about setting up systems where trainees and other team juniors can, not only get the information they need, but also feedback up messages to management and seniors? ICON have managed to create a system for disseminating information on everything from rotas, redeployment training, Q&As and wellbeing for junior doctors in a way that serves their needs and gets management and Consultants to take onboard what they need to say. Here they go through the experiences of setting up their model and how this might be adapted for other teams in other healthcare networks.

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  • Guest speaker
    SR G
    Shiva Radhakrishnan BRC CRF, Gastr Reg @ ICL

  • Guest speaker
    AS G
    Arun Sivananthan CRF, Gastro @ ICL & IGHI

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    PH T
    Pansurg Host

  • Guest speaker
    MM G
    Matthew Machin AFP @ SMH, NHS


Safer surgical care during the COVID-19 pandemic

PanSurg is a international collaborative to deliver safe surgical care during the COVID-19 pandemic.