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Morale & Wellbeing in the Healthcare Workforce: Concerns & Solutions for the Pandemic

About this webinar

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll on healthcare staff across the world, we need to find ways of safeguarding their mental health over the weeks to come. We speak to Dr Clare Gerada, who both established and now directs the Practitioner Health Programme which supports doctors, and other health professionals with mental health and associated issues. She will be joined by Dr Clare Warrell, who will discuss her observations on the effects of outbreaks on mental health, following her work in Sierra Leone during Ebola. Finally Mr Chris Peters, Consultant Surgeon and departmental lead for Culture & Engagement, will discuss experiences and support strategies already being used on the ground at Imperial College NHS Trust.

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  • Guest speaker
    CG G
    Clare Gerada Founder & Director @ NHS PHP

  • Team member
    RA T
    Ravi Aggarwal Clinical Research Fellow @ Imperial College London

  • Guest speaker
    CW G
    Clare Warrell ID Registrar @ NHS - London

  • Guest speaker
    CP G
    Christopher Peters UGI Consultant @ St Mary's Hospital, Imperial NHS Trust

  • Team member
    PH T
    Pansurg Host


Safer surgical care during the COVID-19 pandemic

PanSurg is a international collaborative to deliver safe surgical care during the COVID-19 pandemic.