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Segregation in Surgery- The Singapore Experience

About this event

Join us in coversation wtih the Raj Menon and Andrew Choong, Vascular Surgeons at the National University Hospital of Singapore. Singapore has dampened spread of Covid-19 through community measures but their hospitals are still dealing with growing cases. Hospital teams, including Surgical teams, adhere to strict segregation in practice. Raj and Alex will be joined by an Intensive Care colleague to tell us how they address Covid-19 vs non Covid-19 surgical patients.

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  • Guest speaker
    AC G
    Andrew Choong Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery @ National University Hospital, Singapore

  • Guest speaker
    RM G
    Raj Menon Trauma & Vasc Surgeon @ NUHS

  • Team member
    PH T
    Pansurg Host

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    SY T
    Seema Yalamanchili

  • Team member
    GM T
    Guy Martin Clinical Lecturer in Vascular Surgery @ Imperial College London

  • Team member
    RA T
    Ravi Aggarwal Clinical Research Fellow @ Imperial College London


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