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Surgeons from the Frontline in Spain

About this event

Join us in conversation with Salvador Morales, Jose Balibrea, and Ramon Villalonga Puy, General Surgeons in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, to hear how things are unfolding there. In Spain, 13% of all cases are healthcare workers and the overall death toll from coronavirus has now overtaken China. However Spain has released Guidelines for General Surgeons on how to operate in current times. We speak to some of the authors.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    JW T
    Jasmine Winter Beatty

  • Guest speaker
    SM G
    Salvador Morales General Surgeon and President of European Congress of Laparoscopic Surgeons @ Seville

  • Team member
    NR T
    Nikita Rathod

  • Team member
    PH T
    Pansurg Host

  • Guest speaker
    RV G
    Ramon Vilallonga General Surgeon @ Barcelona

  • Team member
    AS T
    Alasdair Scott Clinical Lecturer and Colorectal Surgical Registrar @ Imperial College London

  • Team member
    SY T
    Seema Yalamanchili

  • Guest speaker
    JB G
    Jose Balibrea General Surgeon @ Madrid

  • Team member
    LP T
    Liam Poynter Honorary Clinical Research Fellow; ST6 General Surgery

  • Team member
    OM T
    Ola Markiewicz Clinical Research Fellow | General Surgery Registrar @ Imperial College London

  • Team member
    RA T
    Ravi Aggarwal Clinical Research Fellow @ Imperial College London


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